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Do you want to know how to write appropriate letters to your landlord in Arizona?  Perhaps you are a landlord in Wyoming and need to know what is required for a 1099 form?  Maybe you need to know if a landlord needs a lead paint inspection in Kansas?  What tenant insurance is required in Tennessee? You will find these answers and more right here on this website.

Crazy landlord has reference pages for all 50 US states plus the District of Columbia.  We provide reference material for all landlord tenant issues from tenant renter insurance to landlord background check and credit check information on tenants.   We provide a vast online knowledgebase for both landlords and tenants alike from forms to eviction information.  Please check on the state pages on this page.

Because of the end of the housing bubble in late 2008 a surge in properties available to rent has increased. Many people now believe that renting is a better choice due to the needs of their jobs and families. As well many investors see an opportunity with property values and interest is the lowest in 20 years presents an unlimited opportunity to invest in rental properties. Because of this fact we have identified a need on the net for a central reference on all things related to both landlords and tenets alike.